We Teach You How To Know Sewing Thread Production Process

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Cotton must be totally cotton?

A: There are many kinds of cotton, there are cotton, but also polyester material + cotton, but also polyester + cotton + SP blended together, and most of the market are blended, but some contain polyester or cotton with SP into How much is the distribution ratio?

Wax line is divided into several practices?

A: Wax lines generally have a variety of practices, commonly used in general there are two, respectively, hand-stitched wax lines and locomotive wax lines, hand-stitched wax thread is hand-sewn directly through the needle, so when the wax according to the needs of customers Light wax, wax, or heavy wax is wax less wax means. Locomotive wax line sewing sewing machine, the process of adding a certain ratio of lubricants, so as to achieve the car is not easily blocked, the car out of the product lines more beautiful and easy car, this is the industry where someone called the so-called oily Wax lines, wax car wax line However, the reason hand wax is the wax itself has a sticky object, the needle will be stuck in the past and pinholes, often blocked can not be caused by car, so only in the Department of guests are hand-stitched or Needle car.

Dyeing color when all the lines can repair color it?

A: Not necessarily, in the dyeing process, if it is too light color can be deep, but if it is deep color you want to repair it may not necessarily, for example, some dark can be dyed after the high temperature dimming If the color is too deep can not be shallow. Can only be scrapped or changed to black.

Well done product line if there is color can rework it?

A: Not necessarily. However, reworking is even more costly than reworking. Some workers can not rework, but they also have to see what lines, for example, wax lines can only be scrapped directly and can not be reworked.

What is waterproof?

A: Waterproof cable also known as flood control Suction, is in the dyeing, the yarn is completely dry set, to do a waterproofing process, after testing the line is not absorbent, that has reached the waterproof effect, and then made of finished products. General water line for water boots and water sports products.

Is there a minimum quantity when dyeing?

A: Yes, the current industry, the smallest dye vat, for example, 10KG dye from the best cost, less than 10KG also cost 10KG, the minimum starting from 3KG yarn can be, the number of orders below 3KG also have to cut 3KG, If less than 3KG the following can not be dyed, like rice cooker cooking, too little rice can not cover the bottom is unable to cook rice.

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