Spun Polyester Yarn 20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4

Spun Polyester Yarn 20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4

Factory of 100% polyester spun virgin yarn Paper cone--1.67kg/cone, 15 cones/bag Plastic cone---1.25kg, 20 cones/bag ISO9001:2008 quality management system . ISO14001:2004 international environment ti system. ​

Product Details

Material: 100% polyester stable fiber. 

Product name: 100% polyester spun virgin yarn 


Item: 20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4, 21s/4, 30s/2, 40s/2, 42s/2 

The yarn 20/2 and 20/3 may be called denim cords. The cords are thicker and have higher strength. They are mostly used for denim, bags, and so on. .


The yarn 40/3 is used for thicker fabrics, such as fabrics, etc.




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